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Monarch Host Plant Seeds Red


Packet of approx 50 seeds for Milkweed - Host Plant of the Monarch Butterfly

This Tropical Milkweed Plant has beautiful Red and yellow Flowers.

Cannot be posted to WA or TASMANIA

Butterfly Host Plant

Tropical Milkweed (Red Flowers)

(Asclepias cursassavica)

The Monarch Butterfly is a common orange butterfly with gliding flight. A native species of the Americas, arriving in Australia in late 1800’s. Ideal for hand-rearing, Monarch Butterflies are not disturbed by humans and will easily breed when their Host Plant is available.

The Milkweed is an exotic weed species and some native butterflies have adapted to using these as host plants. They contain a toxin which makes them unattractive to birds and other predators. Keep away from small children and pets.

These plants can be used to attract Monarch Butterflies to your garden but must be controlled. Collect the seed pods before they spread and contain them in your garden.

A very hardy plant which grows in most soils, full sun.

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